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Summer has always represented the end of school, holidays from work, freedom... and this is precisely the message that this brand has to spread, freedom, of all kinds: of expression, first and foremost, in fact, it also includes a line of costumes suitable for Muslim women, its motto: EXPRESS YOUR SELF!

Nina Garby has designed a swimwear capsule suitable for all women of all genders, cultures and ages.

If women in burkinis and women in bikinis meet on a beach, this must also start from a common shop.

Every woman must be free, free to choose whether to cover or uncover her body, freedom is beautiful because everyone shapes it, otherwise it would not be called freedom.

The burkini often arouses dissent and controversy and it is precisely for this reason that the desire to wear it alongside the bikini was born, to make it a fair purchase choice and not make it feel like two different categories.

She also introduced the little girl models with the same patterns as their mothers in order to unite the bond that one creates from childhood with one's mothers who are the examples to follow.


Ever since I was a child I have always loved to travel, I think it is one of the things I love to do most... it is in my travels that I have been confronted with many different people and cultures and these have brought me a lot of inner growth and breadth of outlook.

This has led me to have many friends around the world and learn things through them that I would never have known had this cultural exchange not taken place.

Once, in Morocco, I was on the beach with some Muslim girls who were bathing in burkinis and I was struck by how beautiful a woman could be even all covered up, but I realised that the burkini had limitations that did not allow her to experience the sea in full freedom, i.e., they are often made of materials that retain a lot of water and become heavy, they are often thick and dark and in the sun it is not easy to keep them on, and they leave annoying marks on the ankles and wrists from tanning.

I wanted to find a better technical fabric for her that would allow her to enjoy her day at the beach more pleasantly, i.e. a fabric with a higher drying capacity than the most commonly used fabrics, a fabric that through its Smart fibre weave filters the rays and allows a slight darkening of the skin and a reduction of annoying marks on the ankles and wrists once removed.

burkini floreale copertura totale

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